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"Managers face difficult and exciting challenges daily at workplace. In a globalized economy the only ticket to success is world class quality. A solid grounding is, therefore, essential for today’s managers to make their organization a performing organization. Our location, ambience, infrastructure, resources, quality of faculty, teaching methodologty and interaction with industry has made Atharva School of Business a much sought after Institute."


Shri. Sunil Rane

Shri. Sunil Rane
Executive President,
Atharva Educational Trust, Mumbai


At ASB we aim not only a imparting knowledge and skills but also a positive attitudinal change. What differentiates us from others is our emphasis on overall development of our student’s personality. I have myself made it a point to interact with students on a one-to- one basis in a continuous manner by telling them what is good forthem and what is not. This has helped me to evaluate the actual standards which they have reached during theirsojourn at Atharva. This has helped Atharva Educational Trust to make changes in the curriculum, the quality of faculty and also achieve a better focus in our interaction with industries.
I have an ardent conviction that ATHARVITES will make a perfect fit as they will connect well to your organization. Further, they will become an asset due to our continued emphasis in improving their skills, working on their key strengths, bring change in their attitude and developing their leadership and communication skills.
Our strategic activities at ATHARVA is aimed at positioning ASB's name at the workplace by focusing on curriculum, practical experience in the form of live projects, assignments in the industry, new initiatives and teaching methods. "

We at ATHARVA have aimed at the following values :

  • Giving each student a real business school experience.
  • Individualized and personalized mentoring sessions to meet specific needs.
  • Rich intellectual and social experience.
  • Class participation ot expose students to business community.
  • Right from day one we assist and encourage our students to maximimize their career opportunities.

I conclude with a fervent hope that our friends in the industry will continue to help us build the ATHARVA brand.

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