It should be more about thinking and feeling and less about acting. Leaving behind all the complexes, forgetting the real you and completely being the person you are in that space After workshop at ASDPA I learnt that acting is less about acting like a character and more about the thought process.  Mam you have personally taken so much interest in each one of us, given us tips. You came and sat there just to make sure everything was going on good. You have put your soul in ASDPA. You are passionate about it and you have personally been with ASDPA team in all the competitions this devotion can hardly be seen. Whatever I have learnt today Milind sir has a lion's share emotions, expressions and the basic of thought process which he has ignited in all of us is incredible

Ms.Kranti Kulkarni | Student Of ASDPA

I am a lawyer by profession and never was associated with this acting profession. I started this acting workshop at Atharva school of Drama and Performing Arts 5 months ago as a stress buster from my work and for personality development. However, this ASDPA workshop helped me to learn more about Treaters and Acting and I have developed interest towards this field. This workshop helped me to understand and learn a lot in acting, vocal toning, stage appearance and helped to to eliminate my stage fear. In addition to this, ASDPA also gives opportunities to their students to act in their productions. Currently ASDPA is presenting an experimental play called 'Yudha', and I got an opportunity to play a role in it. ASDPA also participates in major drama competitions like MATA, Zee Gaurav etc. I am thankful to Mrs. Varsha Rane mam for giving us this wonderful opportunity and also grateful for all the excellent guidance and support provided by Mr. Milind Inamdar sir throughout the workshop.

Ms. Shambhavi Patil | Lawyer

Working with ASDPA has been one of the most enriching and all round experiences ever. Not only did we get the chance to learn under the guidance of Prof. Milind Inamdar (NSD alumnus) but also to showcase what we had learnt in class in the outside world. This is a truly real and complete experience. In the course, we were made to go through rigorous exercises, that taught to us how to stay ‘in the scene’ and ‘in character’ . We were taught how ‘not to act’ ! The course ended with a presentation, in Atharva’s world class auditorium, which elevated my confidence to a great extent. The best part is that even after the course ended, we are still very well connected to the institution and are called, whenever any new project is taken upon. The director of the institution, Mrs. Varsha Rane takes keen interest in the classes and is very down to earth and helpful. Her high vision and belief in new talent is ever empowering. All in all ASDPA is definitely an opportunity to grow and explore your dreams and while meeting inspiring like minded people.

Chaitanya Haldankar | Student Of ASDPA

मला ASDPA बद्दल लिहिताना खुप आनंद होतोय कारण ASDPA मध्येच बराच गोष्टी शिकता आल्या ..। प्रत्येक माणसामध्ये अभिनय किंवा नक्कल करणे हा गुण नक्कीच असतो तसा माझ्यात ही तो होताच. इंजिनिअरिंग मध्ये तीन वर्ष मी नाटकात काम करत होतो ते फक्त काही गोष्टी माहीत असल्यामुळे पण कुठल्याही नटाला अभिनयाबरोबर नाटकाच्या नियमाबद्दल सर्व गोष्टी माहीत असल्याचं पाहिजेत हे महत्वाचे .ASDPA मध्ये या सर्व गोष्टी मला शिकता आल्या. अभिनय करत असताना वेगवेगळ्या शब्दांचा सराव असेल तसेच तुमच्या डोक्यात जोपर्यंत विचार येणार नाही तोपर्यंत तुम्ही चांगला अभिनय करू शकत नाही ही गोष्ट मला चांगल्या प्रकारे शिकायला भेटल्या . ASDPA ही संस्था अभिनय प्रशिक्षणा सोबतच नाटकाविषयाची प्राचीन संस्कृती जोपासण्याचं काम करते आणि शिकवते. आज कित्येक संस्था महाराष्ट्रात तसेच मुंबईत आहेत, पण ही अशी संस्था आहे जी आपल्या विद्यार्थ्यांना एक चांगल हक्काचं व्यासपीठ निर्माण करुन देते. ASDPAनी सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी युद्ध या नाटकासारखं व्यासपीठ निर्माण केलं आहे . माझ्या अभिनयाच्या प्रवासाला सुरूवात ASDPA नी करुन दिली आहे .सध्या आणि भविष्यात ज्या काही संधी मिळतील त्याचं श्रेय श्रीमती वर्षाजी राणे ,प्रा मिलिंद इनामदार आणि ASDPA लाच आहे .

Mr. Namantar Kambli | Lawyer

My experience with ASDPA was an unforgettable one and turned out to be the most important turning point of my life. I got to learn many things. I want to remain a part of these ASDPA till d end even if i won’t be able to choose it as my career. I got confidence to speak. The confidence to express myself and perform to the best. I joined ASDPA to gain that confidence and overcome my stammering disease. as of now i still stammer...but earlier i used to stammer because of fear, now I at least don’t stammer because of any fear. I thank you all for all your acceptance and moral support

Mr. Jash Panchal | Student Of ASDPA

ASDPA was like a journey a journey that discovered my life ,after the opportunity given by ASDPA and guides by our professor Mr. Inamdar my dream of just performing as an actor came to reality . It was funny at the beginning because we were doing acts without dialogs ,I thought acting means to say long difficult dialogs ,but here it was just expression ,feeling ,understanding the role its situation his feeling at that point then believing it and then perform . It took a little time but when I understood the art of expressing I started experiencing life, behaviour of people, society, myself. And special thanks to Ms. Rane mam who gave us opportunity even after the courses was over I think that gave the chance of implementation of my learning...... And just because of Mam, our sir and my friends "actor friends" or I would say because of ASDPA I have found something of me. Thank you ASDPA.

Mr. Himanshu Katolkar | Lawyer

I totally love ASDPA, and the memories formed will be the one's I will cherish throughout my life. I still remember the day I first time walked in ASDPA's rehearsal room! With vigorously racing nerve and numerous thoughts on my mind, I auditioned my first delivery, in front of the director of ASDPA herself. And thus began my journey of self-discovery. Drama is something that excellently comes out of an individual who is in complete resonance with one's own soul. Hence self actualization plays a huge role in portraying characters on stage. The entire team of ASDPA along with our mentors and teachers put on their heart on every individual, so as to extract the essence needed to be an exuberant performer. Life is a stage and we all are its live performers. So I repeat once again, ASDPA not just helped me with my acting skills, but also in establishing myself as an solid individual. The entire process of stage performances, competitions, exercises, breaks, feasts; victories are the extra fun elements that serve as a topping of cherry over a creamy cake.

Ms. Manasi Vatkare | Student Of ASDPA

Dear varsha mam Thank you. I mean it. Really. Thank you! As a former student, I thank you for the time you took to plan. I thank you for the hours you put into your lessons. With your and Prof. Milind Inamdar Sir's help we learnt not only acting but also public speaking, voice modulation and body language which helped us in our campus interviews and will in our future endeavors. Hence I thanks the ASDPA team, the brilliant faculty and my talented batch mates for this experience.

Mr. Pankaj Vichare | Lawyer

I would like to thank ASDPA who has given me an opportunity to perform various different roles fearlessly. Joining ASDPA... I came to know.. What actual acting is all about. It just not about expressing something in acting. It also includes various exercises such as voice, speech, voice throw etc and this gave me skill set of performing on stage.Acting is just not about taking a role and enacting accordingly... It is much more though...Like.. Going through the script.. Understanding the role... Being into that role for entire act... And improving it... On every rehearsal...Each day.. I feels like growing in ASDPA... Each day a new task... A new thing to learn... Thank you so much... Hail ASDPA.

Mr.Sail Raut | Student Of ASDPA

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